Two Iceless Chillers and FREE CaddyO Dual Travel Tote

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A bag with a dual personality - FREE!
Chill one beverage on one side and another beverage on the other. The CaddyO Dual Tote Set by ChillnJoy zips apart to become two individual carrying bags – each with a rugged carrying handle and compartments to store your accessories. The three layers of insulation prevent outside temperature from entering, and inside temperature from escaping. Now you can chill your beverages, snacks, and foods for hours while you are on the go.

The style and versatility of the CaddyO Dual Tote makes it the ultimate travel companion for parks, beaches, picnics, concerts, or simply relaxing at home.  It comes with 6 large pockets to fit wine glasses or other accessories and a sleek, multi-functional corkscrew bottle opener and foil cutter.

Chillers keep your beverages perfectly chilled for hours!


Wine, champagne, beer, spirits, sports bottles, canned sodas, chips and snacks, sandwiches, soups, bottled water, 


The CaddyO Dual Tote by ChillnJoy is made of three protective layers to ensure maximum insulation for the longest amount of time:
1. The outer layer is 1689 ballistic nylon – used for bullet-proof vests
2. The middle layer is close-cell foam, which is used in homes
3. The inner layer is pliable aluminum sheeting, which keeps inside temperatures from escaping and outside temperatures from entering

WEIGHT: 7lbs

DIMENSIONS: 6 x 14.5 x 11 in


• 2 individual rubber handles
• Sommelier bottle opener and foil cutter
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• 2 inside carrying compartments
• 4 outside carrying compartments


1. Remove the chiller from the CaddyO Dual Travel Tote
2. Place upside down into a freezer for at least 4 hours
3. When ready to use, remove the chiller from the freezer
4. Place your favorite beverage or bottle of wine into the chiller.
5. Place both bottle and chiller into the dual tote. Your beverages will remain chilled for hours inside the carrying tote.


Clean with a soft cloth using mild soap and water, or put it into washing machine. The Dual Tote can be used with various bottle sizes including champagne, sparkling wine, water, and alcohol.


Place the gel-infused wine chiller upside down in the freezer for at least four hours to allow the gel to evenly spread and freeze


"I absolutely love my dual wine cooler tote that I ordered earlier this summer. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition so I've had a chance to use it numerous times. I can't wait to buy more as gifts this holiday season. Cheers!"  – A. Bitta

“I bought this as a gift for a co-worker who loves wine, traveling (car trips) and bring your own wine restaurants. He already receives so many bottles of wine for the holidays another other special occasions that I thought this would be a thoughtful companion gift for all the other wine gifts he receives. Of course, I also included a nice bottle of wine inside! I used the tote as the gift box and just added a nice bow and card.” – Tim P.


Note: This is a limited-time promotion. Quantity is limited.

Two Iceless Chillers and FREE CaddyO Dual Travel Tote
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