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CaddyO - Elegant Cloth Wine Tote & Iceless Wine Chiller Set

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The CaddyO Cloth Wine Tote and Wine Chiller Set


Transporting and enjoying your favorite wine has never been easier! The CaddyO Elegant Insulated Cloth Wine Tote and Wine Bottle Chiller Set provides perfectly chilled wine possible whether you’re spending the day in nature, heading to a party, or dropping by to your favorite “bring your own bottle” restaurant.  It’s all thanks to our innovative, double-wall wine bottle chiller – filled with proprietary gel, and designed to keep drinks cool for hours!

True to its name, the CaddyO Wine Tote & Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller requires no ice to chill your favorite beverage to its ideal temperature within 30 minutes—and keeps it chilled for up to 6 hours! No pre-chilling necessary.

Simply place the black wine chiller in a freezer for at least four hours. When ready to use, remove the chiller from the freezer and insert your favorite bottle of wine. Place both the chiller and wine into the leather tote, and you’re ready to go!

This elegant cloth set includes everything you need to enjoy your wine in style. The sleek, uniquely contoured bottle-shaped tote is designed to hold a wine bottle inside the wine chiller (included). The cloth exterior provides an added layer of insulation, and prevents condensation. The comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying your wine easy and hands-free. The set also includes a stainless steel wine bottle opener that stows away in its own pouch right on the strap. 

Drink up the compliments – and your favorite refreshment! This stylish and durable set is truly everything you need to create a perfect wine experience—outdoors or at home.  Give the CaddyO Cloth Wine Tote & Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller as a gift to your favorite wine connoisseur and grab one for yourself!  This set can also be personalized as a promotional gift for clients and colleagues—a gift they will truly remember and use again and again.

The CaddyO Cloth Wine Tote easily accommodates various bottle sizes, including champagne, sparkling wine, and alcohol.

WEIGHT: 3lbs
DIMENSIONS: 5.75 x 5.75 x 15 in
• Sleek cloth cover
• Sommelier bottle opener
• Rubber base
• Gel-infused double-wall wine bottle chiller
• Adjustable shoulder strap

1. Remove the chiller from the cloth wine carrying tote
2. Place into a freezer upside-down for at least 4 hours
3. When ready to use, remove the chiller from the freezer
4. Place your favorite bottle of wine into the chiller
5. Place both bottle and chiller into the carrying tote. Bottle will remain chilled for hours inside the carrying tote.

Place the gel-infused wine chiller upside down in the freezer for at least four hours to allow the gel to evenly spread and freeze


CaddyO Genuine Leather Wine Tote Set



"This is a great product for taking wine on the go. The core chilled nicely in the fridge and kept your wine cold longer when you are on the go. We frequently take wine to BYOB restaurants or over to parties in our caddy’s and get compliments on them wherever we go! One of our cores did eventually crack and had to be replaced, but that was after at least six years of owning it. The attached accessories are very helpful as well.” – Lanette

“Perfect carry-all for any wine lover. The most awesome part of the tote is the chilling accessories. It is great to be able to carry your wine and keep it chilled. The other accessories add to the thrill. It is durable and sturdy, and looks magnificent when traveling. The genuine leather adds to the style. I just luv the black. It’s stylish!” – Appaloosa.


CaddyO - Elegant Cloth Wine Tote & Iceless Wine Chiller Set
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